Our company launched its dental technology business in 2011, and we have developed our innovative system in the field of dental implants and dental prostheses. Thanks to the unique manufacturing technology, we produce high-precision products such as implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, onlays and inlays. The components of the ELSNER System product family provide flexible and guaranteed quality solutions for all dentists and dental technicians using implants. In 2015, we established ELSNER System Kft. To distribute our Vario-Cast and Vario-Dock products developed in Hungary, the related developments are still carried out by our company. The product family is protected by several patents, possessed only by Mr. Edvin Elsner. The profile of our company has always been characterized by services that require high precision. Our professional machinery, coordinated design and production system based on state-of-the-art processes, has always enabled high quality service and production processes. Previously, our main activity was the design and manufacture of tools and the production of tool parts. We have made production tools for demanding industrial products for many global multinational automotive, mechanical engineering and electronics companies both in Hungary and abroad.


Research and development

Many of our developments provide a solution to the long-standing challenge of the dental profession. As part of an innovation activity, the ELSNER System product family, which is protected by several patents, and our own dental technology software have been developed.

Dental implants

Dental implants provide a solution for people who have lost their teeth due to injury, dental disease, or other reasons. In the field of dental prostheses (dentures), fixing with a releasable bond (screw) is gaining more and more space than fixing with an insoluble bond (glue). To the best of our knowledge, we have developed special and unique solutions to the global problems encountered in the use of implants, which, to our knowledge, none of the world's nearly 220-230 implant manufacturers have. The advantages of the ELSNER System product family are: less material removal, greater angle correction, easier application for dentists and dental technicians compared to other manufacturers, and it allows to prevent fractures. The global specialty and uniqueness of the product family is enhanced by the fact that - unlike the implant manufacturers' own fixation solutions - it can be used simultaneously even for different types of implants.


As part of expanding our scope of activities, we established the company's dental technology business in 2011. The needs and expectations experienced during the assignments stimulated us to innovate, as a result of which we appeared in the dental market with significant innovations in a short time. Our company has already developed into a modern tool manufacturing company operating with the world's leading technology, and we have become suppliers to many global multinational automotive, mechanical engineering and electronics companies, both in Hungary and abroad.